1. To develop capacity for undertaking holistic study and harmonized treatment of various issues impacting corporate regulation, governance and functioning in the context of emerging international trends and opportunities.
  2. Enabling understanding of the changing national and global business environment and catalyzing appropriate regulatory and service delivery responses.
  3. Setting up a state-of-the-art Knowledge Management System within IICA for continuous creation, collation and dissemination of knowledge to internal and external stakeholders on issues affecting the corporate sector.
  4. Forging, fostering and catalyzing partnerships between various stakeholders for generating outcomes that resolve emerging business concerns for efficient and legally compliant functioning.
  5. Ensuring synergy of knowledge and thought and capacity building by setting up Schools in relevant academic discipline and Centers and Forums for interaction and taking up projects etc. in appropriate formats, with outsourcing where necessary.
  6. Evolving human resource strategy to attract the best national/global talent, through a mix of core faculty, supported by distinguished visiting/adjunct/honorary faculty and contracted/outsourced expertise.
  7. Encouraging thought sharing amongst eminent captains of industry, thought leaders etc. through partnerships and national & global networks.