Center for Responsible Corporate Governance

Center for Corporate GovernanceEthics and morals are an integral part of corporate governance and need to be harmonized and blended with corporate strategy, policy and functioning. Principles of good corporate governance benefit both the corporate and the community by ensuring long term growth of the business entity and lowering its cost of financial and human resources. The Centre for Responsible Corporate Governance views corporate governance as an instrument for wealth creation as well as a tool for inclusive social development. Its aim is to help identify good governance and sustainable practices and develop strategies for business entities to integrate such practices in their operations.

Corporate Governance is not merely compliance of legal procedures but has to be a part of the overall corporate philosophy and belief. Good corporate governance practices are equally relevant for small businesses but need to be carefully tailored to their requirements which are quite different from those of widely held large companies. The Centre envisages collation, development and research into literature, case studies, documentaries and other material for knowledge dissemination. The Center will facilitate sharing of information and ideas on emerging international trends in Corporate Governance through interactions, events and networked dialogues across the globe.

The Centre for Corporate Governance will also design and support initiatives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) built around the philosophy of inclusive growth in partnership with thinkers, practitioners, business entities and other agencies involved in the subject.