Evolving Effective Cooperation Between Competition Authority and Sector Regulators



The project HARMONISING REGULATORY CONFLICTS: Evolving a Cooperative Regime to Address Conflicts Arising from Jurisdictional Overlaps between Competition and Sector Regulatory Authoritieshas been conducted primarily by CUTS International. There are five project countries that have been the subject of study in this research project. These are: Brazil, India, South Africa, South Korea and Spain. CUTS has engaged researchers from the respective countries to get information and data on the matter that have gone into the five country papers based on a research plan prepared by CUTS. The experience of each country is unique and distinct from the other thereby providing several illustrative approaches to conflicts arising from jurisdictional overlaps between the competition agency and sectoral regulators.


The project synthesis report offers insights into how regulatory overlaps in the infrastructure sector, specifically telecommunications and finance have been addressed in different jurisdictions and concludes with valuable lessons for India based on global practices that are best tailored to the domestic conditions.


The project supported by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs completed in July 2012 ran for a period of 12 months.