Competition Law & Policy: Recent Events

Recent Events

Interface between Competition Law and Regulators on 12th May, 2010.

Experts from Regulatory bodies, CCI, Professionals had participated in the interaction.

1. Does the legislative framework of the country envisage a 'First among Equals'
    position for the CCI amidst the Regulators?
2. Is a Competition Commission the final stage in Regulator evolution?
3. Are the rules of co-existence and cross-references adequate?
4. Do the existing legislations governing the various Sectoral Regulators and CCI.

Adequately address issues of:

a. Private Enforcement
b. Forum Shopping
c. Damages
d. Reduction of Transaction Costs

5. If the primary objective of both the Sectoral Regulators and the CCI is same i.e. Consumer Welfare then what are the causes of regulatory friction and how it be best resolved?
6. Does CCI need or can it supplant Sectoral expertise.