Corporate Law & Regulations

Corporate Law

Corporate Law & Regulation are fundamental to the governance of companies and their operation. The structure of the company and its internal governance process, its efforts at raising of capital and sharing risks and reward, as also the format for companies restructuring, mergers and amalgamations, rehabilitation and if need be, winding up are all guided by the statute in the form of Companies Act, 1956. This Act also determines the relationships of the company with its shareholders and stakeholders and lays down important requirements for Corporate Governance that are relevant for the informed participation of stakeholders and assertion and protection of their rights.

Simplification and demystification of corporate laws so that they are amenable to clear interpretation and are understood by a wide range of stakeholders is important.. The corporate regulatory framework has to be in tune with the emerging economic scenario, encourage good corporate governance and enable protection of the interests of the investors and other stakeholders. In the competitive and technology driven business environment, while corporate entities require greater autonomy of operation and opportunity for self-regulation with optimum compliance costs, there is a need to bring about transparency through better disclosures and greater responsibility on the part of corporate owners and managements for improved compliance.