Corporate Law & Regulations

Corporate Law

With the growth of the economy and increase in the complexity of business operation, the forms of corporate organizations keep on changing. There is a need for the law to take into account the requirements of different kinds of companies that may exist and seek to provide common principles to which all kinds of companies may refer while devising their corporate governance structure. Rigid structures, unnecessary controls and regulations inhibit the risk taking initiatives of the entrepreneurs.

Private companies and small companies, who do not generally go for public issues or deposits for their financial requirements but utilize their personal or in-house resources, need to be given flexibility and freedom of operation and compliance at a low cost. Equally, public companies that access capital from public need to be subjected to a more stringent regime of corporate governance.

In essence the company law needs to provide a framework for responsible self-regulation through determination of corporate matters through decisions by shareholders, in the background of clear accountability for such decisions, obviating the need for a regime based on Government approvals. It should also foster a climate that encourages people to set up businesses and make them grow, addresses the practical concerns of small businesses so that people may deal with and invest in companies with confidence, promotes international competitiveness of Indian businesses and provides it the flexibility to meet the challenges of the global economy.

The Forum on Corporate Law and Regulation is intended to enable discussion, interaction, thinking, sharing of knowledge and ideas to foster better understanding of the issues involved and enable workable and efficient regulatory responses, in tune with changing business and economic environment.