MoUs of IICA


- Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. (MoU, 2012)
        • Sharing experiences relating to the management of compliance issues;
        • Creation of highly qualified virtual faculty and new pedagogy;
        • Intel offers to act as adviser for Knowledge Management Systems.

- Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (MOU, 2012)

- Institute of Company Secretaries of India (MOU, 2012)

- Institute of Cost Accountants of India (MOU, 2012)
        •Designing of modules and conducting capacity development programmes for Directors and middle management in the corporate sector, govt. functionaries as well as ICLS Officers in the areas of corporate law, accounting, corporate governance, finance, management skills, etc.

- The National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore (MoU, 2012)
Collaborate with each other to offer and award degrees, diploma, certificate and other courses in the areas of:
        • Competition policy and law
        • Economic regulation
        • Corporate Social Responsibility
        • Corporate laws
        • Finance
        • Any other area mutually decided by the two institutions from time to time

- National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) (MoU, 2012)
        Corporate Film on IICA prepared

- KPMG (MoU, 2013)
        •The process of developing the definition of CSR and qualifying criteria of projects that can be counted as contributing towards meeting the Companies Bill requirement of spending 2% of profits on CSR;
        •The process of developing high level guidelines, and assessment criteria for evaluation of corporate governance practices and systems in context of CSR;
        •The process of developing guidelines in the context of the Income Tax Act, 1961;
        •The process of developing the framework that would serve as a guide for the government as well as the corporate sector while identifying, monitoring, reporting (and verifying if applicable) CSR projects;
        •Capacity building of IICA staff on CSR and development of training material;
        •Development of training modules and certified training sessions for the corporate sector;
        •Leveraging funds for CSR Foundation;
        •Assisting in strategy formulation for the formation of a Global Gateway.

- Madison Street Capital India Pvt Ltd. (MoU, 2013)
        •Training - Business plan and Financial Modelling;
        •Due Diligence;
        •Training -Business Sustainability;
        •Mainstreaming Investors.


- George Washington University Law School, USA (MoU, Nov., 2008 – Nov., 2013)
        • Furthering the development of corporate law and related fields of corporate affairs through faculty exchange, joint research programmes and training;
         • Talks to be initiated in December this year to extend the MoU for another period of 3years.

- German Agency for International Cooperation(GIZ) (MoU, Phase I- 2008-2012, Phase II- 2012-2014)
        • GIZ, owned by the German Government, works in the field of international cooperation and sustainable development. It has been offering its technical and financial support in India over the last 50 years;
        • The objective of Phase I was to develop the Indian concept of CSR & encourage the development of a common understanding on its many dimensions;
         • The objective of Phase II is to facilitate the implementation of the NVGs and the national CSR agenda by public and private institutions. Also, to develop capacities within IICA.

- Carnegie Mellon University, USA (MoU, 2009)
        • Faculty and student exchange to develop think tank capability in the field of corporate affairs.

George Washington School of Law
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
IIT Kharagpur, India
Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
GTZ – Germany