School of Competition Law & Market Regulation

• In order to foster research and capacity building in the field of competition law and market regulation, the school of competition law and market regulation has been established which is an integral part of the IICA and established under the auspices of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The school in order to achieve its capacity building goals extensively organises various long term and short term courses, roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars aimed at providing a 360 degree view of competition law, economics and market regulation aspects......

Courses   Academic Schedule & Programs   Admissions
  1. Induction Training / Basic Appreciation courses in Competition Law for CCI and other Regulators.
  2. Short training programmes in Economics of Competition Law for Economist including Economic Advisers of Central Government Ministries and Departments.
  3. Basic Appreciation and Advanced Programmes for officials in Central and State Government.
  4. Workshops / Seminars on specific competition related themes for professionals and business executives.
IICA has started a series of short programmes, Workshops and Seminars on competition related themes.
Open to
-- ICLS officers
-- CCI
-- Central / State Government    Ministries / Department
-- Regulatory Bodies
-- Professionals (for specified    courses)
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