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The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) School of Finance is engaged in study, research and capacity building in financial and regulatory issues relevant to business entities, professionals and the investing public at large.   The School is conducting short programs and training workshops on regulation of corporate financial disclosures, accounting and auditing. The academic programs cover application of and compliance with accounting standards, convergence with International Financial Reporting Standards, financial reporting and disclosures and related corporate law and corporate governance issues,......................

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School is yet to commence long term teaching courses. However, training workshops are being held/ scheduled in the following areas relating to Regulation of Corporate Financial Disclosure, Accounting and Auditing. Besides, the School also provides support through financial reporting & regulation modules in teaching & training programmes for other Schools of IICA.

The academic programs of this school cover issues concerning capital markets; risk management and subjects such as issues in application of and compliance with accounting standards; convergence with IFRS; the role and nature of audit; emerging trends in accountancy for profession; financial disclosures and related corporate law and corporate governance issues etc.

Admission is currently by invitation to:

  • Central/ State Government Ministries/ Departments
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • CEOs/CFOs/Directors/Auditors of the PSUs and Private Sector Companies
  • Professionals
  • ICLS Officers (for specified courses)
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