ICLS Induction Training Programme -- 2011-12

The ICLS Academy, located in the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) at Manesar(Gurgaon), will conduct the induction training for Probationary Officers (POs) belonging to the Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS). The POs will join the different offices under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on completion of the induction training programme and subsequent confirmation. The first batch (CSE-2009)and second batch (CSE-2010) of probationers of the ICLS recruited through the Common Civil Services Examination are under induction training, after a three months' foundation course. The duration of the induction training is 21 months.


Programme Objectives

The induction training has been designed so as to provide requisite expertise in corporate laws and a basic understanding of all related subjects. This induction training will enable the POs to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to perform their duties effectively and efficiently as corporate regulators. The training seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enable the POs to understand the strategic vision and objectives of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • To enable the POs to understand the emerging trends in corporate governance
  • To impart in depth knowledge in the Companies act, 1956, LLP Act 2008 and allied corporate laws
  • To impart a working knowledge of other relevant laws, accounting and financial management, office administration, and communication and interpersonal skills
  • To provide technical knowledge in the field of Information Technology, with specific reference to the use of MCA-21 and Digital Forensic and Information Security
  • To enable them to understand the broad feature of public policy formulation and also to enable them to understand the ways and means of performing administrative functions expected to be performed by them
  • To inculcate the spirit of excellence and professionalism in their performance and conduct, to instil values of personal and professional integrity and high degree of probity in public life

Programme Structure

The main areas of work in the Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) relate to enforcement and regulation of laws relating to companies including the Companies Act, 1956 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Keeping in view the requirements of the jobs to be performed by the ICLS officers, the level of understanding of different subjects that will be covered in the training programme has been categorised as:-

-- basic understanding
-- functional/working knowledge
-- expert knowledge i.e. in depth understanding

The training is proposed to be divided in to five phases which are a combination of classroom teaching and on the job field training. The duration of each of the three phases can be modified depending on requirement. .Classroom teaching are conducted at the IICA premises at Manesar (Gurgaon). In the field training the POs will be attached for their field training to the offices of Registrars of Companies, Official Liquidators, Regional Directors, Registrar of Limited Liability Partnership, Company Law Board, Serious Frauds Investigation Office and Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology will be such as to create a learning environment in which the active participation and involvement of the trainees is maximized. The methodology will be a combination of classroom teaching, group discussions, case studies, project work and assignments. In addition to classroom lectures, techniques like role play, moot courts and presentations will also be used. The mode of classroom teaching too will be interactive.


To facilitate independent thinking and development of research capabilities, the POs will be required to submit a total of 4/5 projects/written assignments – 2/3 each after classroom teaching– on any topic of their choice or from the sample list to be provided by the institute. These projects will be part of the evaluation. Sufficient time will be allocated on a weekly basis for purposes of research and writing of assignments/projects. Apart from individual projects, there will be group exercises which are meant to develop analytical skills and team-work among the POs. For this, groups of 3 to 4 POs will be formed and each group would be required to make an in-depth study on a chosen topic and furnish a written report under the guidance and supervision of designated faculty members. The report will be followed by a full presentation before the class.


A core faculty of persons having expertise in corporate laws, other laws, finance, economics, and human resource management and information technology will be assisted by persons invited as guest faculty.

Study material:

Study material in the form of Power Point Presentation by faculties will be made available to the Pos .Text books, reference books and research papers will be made available in the library of the Institute for detailed research.


A working day will usually commence at 10.00 am and conclude at 4.30 pm, and will consist of 4 contact sessions – 2 sessions before lunch and 2 sessions after lunch. Thus a week of 5 working days shall comprise of a total of 20 contact sessions.


Evaluation will be based on continuous assessment and term-end written exams, in the ratio of 60 percent and 40 percent respectively. Continuous assessment will be on the basis of assignments, attendance, participation, group activities and other similar criteria. Term-end written exams will be conducted at the end of the 1st and 3rd & fifth phases.

1st phase – 2 months – Dec 2011 to February2012 (classroom teaching)
2nd phase – 4 months – March2012 to June 2012 (field training)
3rd phase – 2 months – July 2012 to Aug 2012 (classroom teaching)
4th phase-10 months- Sep.2012 to June2013 (field training)
5th phase- 3months- July2013 to Aug.2013 (classroom teaching)

Reorientation programmes on company law for ICLS officers :
There are 291 Sanction Posts of ICLS officers in Ministry of Corporate Affairs serving across the country. ICLS officers are working as DII,RD, JD, DD, AD, ROC, DROC , AROC,OL,DOL and AOL in various offices of Ministry of Corporate Affairs which are related to registration and regulation of companies. The Academy is conducting orientation & training programmes for these officers which would range from one to six weeks to focus on specific professional knowledge and skill areas. The main thrust of the training shall be on Company Law Registry function, Regulation and enforcement of Company Law, Inspection & Investigation under Companies Act, 1956, E-governance in company regulations, Corporate management & Governance, Technical Scrutiny, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Accounts of Companies, Merger & amalgamation of Companies, Winding up of Companies.

Training Programmes for Staff of group ‘B’ official of field offices:

The Academy is also conduct ing training programme s for the group ‘B’ officials of RD,ROC and Official Liquidators at Regional offices.